Resource Links

Bridges to Freedom: An online (free) book with support for California lifers preparing for parole

Positive Interventions: Rehabilitation through Regeneration (PDF) (2011): A comprehensive, offender-based self-help study program

California Re-entry Program: “The California Reentry Program is a comprehensive, multi-faceted program aimed at meeting all of the most vital needs of prisoners facing parole.
Our team of volunteers meet with prisoners at San Quentin State Prison and provide individualized assistance based on their needs and location of parole.”

Prop 47  / Changing your record under Proposition 47: “With the passage of Proposition 47, certain low-level, nonviolent felonies can now be changed to misdemeanors on old criminal records.”

Life Support Alliance: A non-profit social advocacy organization, focused on life term inmates and their families

Lifers With Optimistic Progress (LWOP): A group of men in CSP-Solano: “We are a multi-ethnic, multi-faith, multi-background group of men with one common thread and goal. The thread we share, is the fact that each of us are serving sentences of Life Without Parole for…”

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